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  • The Interviewer Warned Me Not To Take The Job
    Jason was shocked when the interviewer told him "You're probably going to get the job offer, but if I were you I'd turn it down." What did the interviewer mean, and what should Jason do with that unsolicited advice?
  • Ten Questions To Ask When The Headhunter Calls
    How can you tell a polite, professional recruiter from an impolite, unprofessional one? Here's how: ask them these 10 questions!
  • Forget The Fancy Job Title -- I Just Want The Money
    Grant is negotiating a job offer. He thought the original salary offer was too low, so he asked for more -- and now the company is proposing a beefed-up job title as a bargaining chip. What would you do in Grant's position?
  • Ten Things Every Hiring Manager Is Looking For
    What are employers looking for in their new hires? Every hiring manager is different, but here are 10 critical elements that every job-seeker needs.
  • My Co-Workers Hate Me -- Because I Do My Job
    Riley is frustrated because at Riley's new job, some of the team members resent the fact that Riley is a hard worker. The team members do very little work all day, and they don't like the fact that Riley makes them look bad. What should Riley do?

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