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  • Can I Negotiate My Job Offer After Accepting It?
    Shutterstock Dear Liz, I just finisheda whirlwind interview process that took three weeks. Things moved very fast because they need someone (me) right away to jump into a project. I like the opportunity and I'm very glad they want to hire me, but I moved too fast when I accepted the job offer. The [...]
  • Five Reasons To Hire A Job-Hopper
    It used to be that recruiters and hiring managers hesitated to hire so-called "job hoppers" -- people who had several short-term jobs in their career histories. Is it still smart to spurn job-hoppers when you're hiring? Here's why it's not!
  • No Time To Read Resumes? Maybe You Shouldn't Be Recruiting
    They say that recruiters only glance at your resume for ten seconds while they decide whether or not to interview you. What can a job-seeker do?
  • How To Update Your LinkedIn Profile For 2017
    Right now is the perfect time to update your LinkedIn profile. Here are step-by-step instructions!
  • How To Make People Hate You Without Even Trying
    Yvonne loves her new job, but there's a problem -- two of her co-workers are mean to Yvonne for no apparent reason. What can Yvonne do about her workplace haters?

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